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The one who loves libra Zodiac Zodiac signs, Astrology. Zodiac Aquarius Facts - For more zodiac fun facts, click. February 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility.

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Aquarius Horoscope September — Love and Career. Aquarius zodiac, Aquarius, Zodiac. Aquarius and Aries: Zodiac Compatibility in Love. Aquarius Love Horoscope. We may be stubborn however we respect other's differences. Aquarius - Love Horoscope Yearly Horoscopes. I think we are all here for a huge purpose.

Signs Of Aquarius In Love

I think we shrink from the immensity of the purpose we are here for. You had to accept it as a whole—like the world, or the person you loved. Live like a hero. Be a main character. Otherwise what is life for? And the street itself, and the ground under the street, and the ball of fire underneath the ground: all these things are for you.

People see me as unique and eccentric. I am damn proud. Aquarius aquarius quotes astrology quote zodiac quotes air sign quotes zodiacabstract astrology writers writers on tumblr. Aquarius Rising.

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What we do really effects the world. Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. Somewhere someone is thinking of you. Someone is calling you an angel. This person is using celestial colors to paint your image. Someone is making you into a vision so beautiful that it can only live in the mind.

The attraction is always great in relationships of opposing signs, and it is probably the greatest in a relationship of Leo and Aquarius.

Leo is the king of the entire zodiac, and Aquarius seems to be there to bring down the king and fight for independence. Their sex life is a struggle, a fight and an incredible experience for both. Liberating and yet warm and passionate, sensual but still interesting. When they find true emotion, Aquarius might actually end up respecting the king. The beauty of their sex life is in things they can learn about their bodies, their confidence and the way they look at the act of sex.

Aquarius And Aquarius Friendship

Through the struggle of insecurities and forced liberation, these are two partners to form a strong connection by a simple act of gravitation that the Sun has over Uranus. Everything seems clear in a relationship between Leo and Aquarius when we look at it from a distance. Although they could find incredible understanding and freedom for both partners, usually when they separate they realize how little they have actually known about each other and how little trust they shared in the first place.

Both Leo and Aquarius are heroes in their own way. If they end up fighting for the same cause, they could turn down entire governments and use their incredible force to change anything in the world.

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To get there, these two would have to stop the battle they have with each other, because energy can be scattered on their unnecessary fight for dominance in a relationship. Leo is a sign ruled by the Sun and has the ability to give clarity to any situation. Aquarius, on the other hand, understands the necessity of change and they seem to carry around a spark to ignite and excite any possible situation that they find worthy. This can be irritating to many, especially Leo, but in fact it is a necessity of liberation we all carry within.

21 Hilarious, Sassy & Sometimes Moody Quotes Any Aquarius Will Love

Leo is exactly what Aquarius needs to find love. It is a strange thing how they find each other, on the grounds of their former relationships, to liberate and shine as if they have been searching for one another for many lifetimes. While Leo is the Sun, Aquarius is a lightning and it usually comes out on a rainy day. When Leo falls in love, the entire world can feel it. The warmth pours out from the center of their being and one has to be blind or senseless not to pick up the signals.